Discover Bucharest: from Universitate to Piața Romană

Three of Bucharest’s largest boulevards, Lascăr Catargiu, Dacia and Gheorghe Magheru have one thing in common: they all meet in front of Bucharest’s Academy of Economic Studies, in the area known as Piața Romană. One of the city’s touristic areas, you can reach it by foot from Piața Victoriei, Piața Universității or Gara de Nord, in less than half an hour and in the same time enjoying a great walk with plenty of stuff to see.

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Discover Romania: Traditional Soups

Romanian soups are wonderful, so good that when we need to choose between two or more types, we are in utter hesitation. That’s because each one is different from the other and great in its own way. Containing a lot of veggies and meat, most of them are closer to stews than soups and can easily take the place of a main course. And we do make a distinction between the word „soup” = not sour, usually clear, and „ciorbă” which is soured and full of vegetables and meat. Continuă lectura

Discover Bucharest: a Tour of Communist Relics

Today I’m getting to another one of my favorite tours, despite the fact that it covers a less „pretty” area and reminds of the communist period, that did quite a bit of damage to some of the city’s most interesting areas and buildings. The tour combines several main tourist attractions, but also places a foreign visitor would probably never think of seeing while in Bucharest. So I really hope you enjoy it. Continuă lectura