Discover Bucharest: a Tour of Communist Relics

Today I’m getting to another one of my favorite tours, despite the fact that it covers a less „pretty” area and reminds of the communist period, that did quite a bit of damage to some of the city’s most interesting areas and buildings. The tour combines several main tourist attractions, but also places a foreign visitor would probably never think of seeing while in Bucharest. So I really hope you enjoy it. Continuă lectura

Discover Bucharest: Old City Center

So, you’ve come to Bucharest for the weekend, or even a few days, and are uncertain about what you might visit? You’ve read about the Palace of Parliament and the Old Center, and perhaps the Ateheaneum and Herăstrău Park. But other than that, you have little idea of what could be nice to see in the city and will stick to the most touristic areas, bars and restaurants.  Continuă lectura